I was reared in Norcross, Georgia, a suburb north of Atlanta. Having never moved locations, my friendships with nearby kids were marked with priceless memories of playing baseball and basketball every day, often until we could no longer see the ball at night. We still enjoy catching up/ touching base pretty regularly. 

Undergraduate College

I double-majored in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. Florida Tech's small campus provided a lot of opportunities and served as the perfect stepping stone in many ways. 

Graduate School Part I — Master's

In May 2007, I moved to Los Angeles, California to intern at Google (in Santa Monica) and start graduate school at UCLA. My Master's was in Computer Science, and my interests lied in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. Specifically, I researched animats-based learning and natural language processing, and I graduated in May 2009.

The Real World

Upon graduating in 2009, I excitedly accepted an Associate Staff research position at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. For many years I had dreamt of living in Boston, and it proved to be a fun city in which to live. After three wonderful years of working at MITLL, I decided to return to school and pursue my PhD. 

Graduate School Part II — PhD

In 2012, I matriculated in Brown University's Computer Science PhD program. The program -- and university at large -- is incredibly genuine, caring, and filled with socially-conscience, passionate, curious students and faculty. I am enjoying my time in my new home in Providence, Rhode Island as I pursue research in Natural Language Processing.  I will graduate in May 2019.


My favorite hobbies are playing baseball, photography, hiking/backpacking, travelling, painting (acrylics and oils), billiards, sewing (making backpacks/tents), weight lifting, running, cooking, computer science, and mathematics.