Describes Chris Tanner’s Teaching experiences at Brown University, UCLA, and Florida Tech.

Introduction to Computation for Humanities and Social Sciences (Fall 2018) — Instructor, Brown University

Responsibilities include redesigning the course, which introduces non-Computer-Science students to computation via Python. Created all course content, gave lectures, held office hours, and managed 5 TAs. Course material includes introducing variables, data types, functions, data structures (lists, dictionaries, sets, etc), text analysis, APIs, and data visualization. 

Introduction to Computational Linguistics (Spring 2014) — Teacher Assistant, Brown University

Responsibilities included grading all assignments and holding weekly office hours in order to help students with any questions. Instructor: Eugene Charniak.

Assembly Language (Spring 2007) — Teacher Assistant, UCLA

Responsibilities included teaching two-hour discussion sections each Friday, holding office hours, assisting students with weekly projects, and grading assignments. The architecture of focus was MIPS.

Artificial Intelligence (Winter 2007) — Teacher Assistant, UCLA

I helped grade all quizzes, tests, homework, and projects. Software assignments were written in LISP. Instructor: Dr. Bruce Rosen.

Data Structures and Algorithms (Fall 2006) — Teacher Assistant, Florida Institute of Technology

As an undergraduate, I was hired as a Graduate Student Assistant for Data Structures and Algorithms. Responsibilities included grading all tests and quizzes, creating weekly labs assignments, and assisting students in each lab session. Instructor: Dr. Ronaldo Menezes