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Sewing - Project #3 (Backpack)

2 days.  20 hours.

Lessons learned:

  • It's hard to know every dimensions a priori; that's why prototyping w/ real fabric is vital -- I had prototyped with newspaper, but that wasn't sufficient, as I didn't roll down the roll-top and thus didn't know how much fabric would be needed.  As a consequence, I underestimated the amount needed for rolling and thus my torso was really short.
  • Stitching a backpack in the correct order is hard.  On /r/myog, people suggested:
    • from /u/tri_wine: Build each panel first. Whatever straps, buckles, etc you want on that panel should be attached to each. Then attach all the panels together, inside out. Each side gets sewn to the bottom panel, then the front panel gets sewn to the bottom and sides, then the back panel. All the buckles and straps and junk should now be on the inside of the pack. Avoiding catching a cinch strap in a side seam is part of the fun.
    • from /u/aristicks: Yes straps on the back panel first. Then each of the other 3 sides. But it definitely has to be sewn inside out or your seam will show on the outside of the pack. I think I did all 4 sides then the bottom panel to put it all together. Or you can do 3 sides, then the bottom, then the last side
  • Raw edges look bad.  I'm against grosgrain because it adds weight, although I'm told it would help have even stronger structure.  I'm for faux-felled, per the reddit messages from someone.
  • Blue looks cool, but for a serious bag, I'm against it.  I'd prefer black.


Chris Tanner