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Sewing - Project #4 (Large Tote Bag)

3 days.  12 hours total.

I wanted practice:

  • figuring out how to have no seams visible from outside:

  • flat-felled seam

  • accurately envisioning the dimensions needed for flat-fell seams

  • dimensions of a good tote bag


Lessons learned:

  • measuring & cutting takes tons of time and is still hard with nylon, especially the cutting part
  • cut all fabric w/ an x-acto knife, not scissors
  • the math is really hard.  allowance 3S should be added to every edge which will be stitched with another piece of fabric — and that one should be 2S.  for example, at the bottom of the tote bag, the cut-out right angle between the bottom and to-be side does not need to be 3S vs 2S because it’s attaching to itself.  yet, i’d like to roll it over to hide the raw edge, so i could add 3S to each side.  no need to make these 2 edges have diff length than the other half’s fabric has for this same section.
  • the order should be: i feel like the corner edges should be last.  think about the difficult and what the seams would look like, though.  so, i’m unsure.  if i do the corners first, that might be best.  if i do bottom and sides first, then it could get tricky to fold up the small corner, especially looping it twice over.  maybe try both, at least imagine both.  it’s too ahrd for me to think which way would b ebest/easiest.  right now, if i had to guess, i’d say corners attention to which side you’re stitching because the backside will look ugly
  • X’s should be on the outward facing fabric.  otherwise, the backside looks horrible

Need to learn:

  • why does back look ugly?  tension?  speed?  pulling the fabric?  maybe i need to replace the needle.
Chris Tanner