Starting January 3, 2017, I travelled for 2 weeks throughout Cuba. Havana, Trinidad, and Viñales were amongst the most touristy cities I had ever seen. Although I refrain from making general statements about a country, it is clear that tourism is shaping the culture, evident by the shift in jobs, segregation of restaurants, and separate currency designated exclusively for tourists. Hoards of travelers flock here year-round, often with the hopes of witnessing an alleged "glimpse into the past"  an objectification and implication of economic stagnation which is desired for one's viewing pleasure, that is, "before it is too late" and before globalization changes the country forever. Consequently, the typical checklist includes viewing old American cars, buying Cuban cigars and a hat, and lounging on a beach. Although I would like to think that I had different intentions than that of a typical tourist, I too visited with curiosity and a small Spanish vocabulary. Alas, I mostly walked around many hours per day, ideally on less-popular streets  and for two days, I just wandered through fields and hills. Below, in chronological order, are the photos I took.