I arrived in the small town of Bodø -- historically a struggling fishing village which, after being destroyed in World War II, was re-built and has steadily risen to a population of 50,000 today. After 3 days of my being there, a good friend, Brian, arrived from the United States, joined me, and we took a ferry to the nearly uninhabited town of Stamsund, Lofoten in the north. Soon as we arrived, we entered our shared cabin/hostel and walked into the kitchen, where the only people seemed to be. A fellow backpacker turned and greeted us: "Hey, I accidentally caught too many fish; would you like some?  [...] just go to the store on the corner and get some vegetables to cook, too." After dinner, I was on the dock when a nearby woman who manages the cabin exclaimed, "the lights!  the lights!" One could faintly see what would soon be very evident: The Northern Lights.  Brian, other backpackers from our cabin, and I all walked around and we drove our rental car until 2am, watching the lights from various vantage points. We would spend the next week driving and hiking as much as we could in the Lofoten archipelago. We would later see the lights again, when we returned to the Stamsund cabin days later. Here are photos, in chronological order, from my 10 days in Norway.